Welcome to CILT Skillnet

CILT Skillnet is a learning network for enterprises of all sizes within the transport, logistics and supply chain management sectors. We offer subsidised industry-led training courses to businesses in the Republic of Ireland.

Our Promoting Agency

Our Promoting Agency is the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. CILT is a global professional body working for those in the logistics, transport and supply chain.

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Clear Customs Training

Supported by Getting Ireland Brexit Ready, the Clear Customs training programme, funded by Skillnet Ireland and delivered by CILT Skillnet, offers immediate and free customs training to Customs intermediaries, and to businesses who frequently trade with or through the UK, or to jurisdictions outside the EU Customs Union.

In addition to the free Clear Customs training, eligible businesses can register an expression of interest for a Customs Financial Support payment of up to €6,000 per employee that completes the training programme, up to maximum of 10 employees per company.

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