Clear Customs Training

Continued uncertainty around Brexit has highlighted the importance of capacity-building in the customs intermediary sector and boosting ‘in house’ customs capacity amongst business that are regularly trading with the UK.

Delays at customs can result in disruption to both business and customers. For the customs intermediary sector, and other businesses, taking steps now to train key staff on how to effectively complete a customs declaration through Revenue’s Automated Entry Processing (AEP) system helps pre-empt Brexit related customs challenges.

Supported by Getting Ireland Brexit Ready, the Clear Customs training programme, funded by Skillnet Ireland and delivered by CILT Skillnet, offers immediate and free customs training to Customs intermediaries, and to businesses who frequently trade with or through the UK.

What Skills Will I Learn?

  1. The capability to complete import/export declarations via Customs Clearance Software
  2. The documentation requirements of the exporter/importer and an understanding where these fit within the customs clearance chain
  3. Develop an understanding of transit procedures (for using UK as Third Country land bridge)
  4. Learn about valuation and its relevance for completing customs declarations
  5. Develop knowledge of origin and its relevance for completing customs declarations
  6. Learn about the specific procedures unique to individual sectors

Customs Financial Support Scheme of up to €6,000 per trainee

In addition to the free Clear Customs training, eligible businesses can register an expression of interest for a Customs Financial Support payment of up to €6,000 per employee that completes the training programme, up to maximum of 10 employees per company. This payment is subject to terms and conditions and will be made available to eligible businesses that newly invest in staffing and other costs associated with managing customs compliance. Expressions of interest in this payment must be made via by 20th September 2019.

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