COVID-19: Managing your Business Cashflow & Communicating Effectively with your Stakeholders

Start date: 06 May 2020

Duration: 90 minutes : 7pm to 8.30pm + questions

Location: Online Webinar

Certificate: N/A

Cost: Free!

Course code: 13972

Programme overview


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This online, trainer-led webinar will be of considerable benefit to businesses, and indeed anyone is in a leadership or supervisory role.

The webinar will provide participants with knowledge and skills around their business in terms of understanding how cash flow works and impacts on their day to day operations.

It will help identify what areas need to be focussed on, to ensure your business can deal with the present Coronavirus crisis, quantify where your own unique challenges lie, and what you might be able to do in terms of accessing financial support, grants and other assistance.

Whilst being particularly relevant to businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, the webinar gives any manager from a non-financial background an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the basic principles of cashflow and stakeholder communication.

This comprehensive webinar will include:

* The Business Manager – what you must know about your Business.
* Quantifying the growth/loss in Sales or Business activity.
* Exceptional items explained.
* Working capital – what is the present position and predicted outflows?
* Capital Expenditure – Expansionary or Maintenance?
* Tax position?
* Principal & Interest payments being met?
* The Business – Stock Days / Creditor Days / Debtor Days – what needs to be done under these three categories – this will be key to your Business.
* Aged Debtors – time to do a deal and get cash in?
* Creditors – do you need to get real with them?
* Stock – consider that you need to do with stock levels – if you are holding stock on an Overdraft or other borrowing, have you considered this?
* Business Plan – do you have one, and what had you planned? Have you a roadmap that includes the impact of coronavirus on your Business being interrupted?
* Financial Supports for Business explained – sources of funding.
* Human Resources – keeping staff / engaging with staff / Government support.
* Lending Providers – by Business sector and the charitable sector.
* Types of Lending products available – including some you may not have heard of, but which might be relevant in your present circumstances.
* The Central Credit Register – the importance of your Credit status.
* Cash flow v. Profit explained – the difference is your Business success.
* Increases / Decreases in working capital explained.
* Assessing the Business risk – what determines your financial wellbeing.
* Budgeting – some tips from a 5-year-old!
* Should we worry – some summary tips to concentrate on.
* Opportunities – can we migrate on-line or change how we do business, to both cope with Covid 19, but also to reduce costs and open new markets?

The webinar will be hosted by Tom Martin, MA, MIITD, LIB, QFA, CUA, CUC, CUG, CMILT, AMOSE, AMIRTE.

Tom Martin is a specialist in the area of business mentoring, consultancy, and the design and delivery of technical, customer service, interpersonal skills, and regulatory training programmes. He designs and delivers a wide range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to the financial services sector, including Banks and Credit Unions. Tom also researches and produces training, policy and procedure manuals for Credit Unions and business.

An experienced finance and business professional, Tom worked in banking for 16 years, and as a Credit Union Manager for 6 years. Tom is a Licentiate of the Institute of Bankers, a Member of the Irish Institute of Training & Development, a Qualified Financial Advisor, a Credit Union Advisor and holds the LIA Bridge examination in General Insurance.

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