Manual Handling

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Duration: 3 hours

Location: Online

Certificate: Certificate in the Theory of Manual Handling

Cost: €38

Programme overview

This eLearning course will help you reduce your training and development costs. Training online means that you no longer have to disrupt your business by gathering everyone together for theoretical training; instead, your staff can dip in and out of their training during their downtime.

This course is aimed at all levels of employees who undertake manual handling operations, including:
- Office Staff
- Delivery Drivers
- Warehouse and factory staff
- Manual labourers
- Unloading and loading of vehicles
- Construction and building site workers
- Farmhands

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Course Info

Learners will have access to engaging course content, videos, interactive activities and knowledge check quizzes that are designed to accelerate the learning.

Being competent in safe carrying and lifting techniques for the workplace is a legal requirement for Employers.

Legal Requirement

The Safety Health and Welfare Act 2005 require employers to ensure that employees are trained and competent in Manual Handling. This Manual Handling Course will help ensure that you are compliant with the Regulations. It is designed to reinforce the theory of Manual Handling, that is sometimes forgotten once face to face training is completed. It will help ensure that your staff have the knowledge to reduce manual handling injuries, which are a leading cause of work disability.

Mitigate Risks

Companies who are fully committed to the welfare of their staff are providing face to face Manual Handling Training, combined with Online Manual Handling Training to help mitigate risks.

Did you know that Poor Manual Handling is responsible for more than a third of all workplace accidents reported to the safety authorities across the world each year? Back injuries caused by incorrect manual handling techniques are one of the most frequent causes of workers compensation claims.

Course Units:

Unit 1 – Health & Safety Legislation

Unit 2 – General

Unit 3 – Anatomy and Back Care

Unit 4 – Risk Assessments

Unit 5 – Manual Handling Techniques

Unit 6 – Transporting A Load

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Define Manual Handling
  • Explain the Legal Responsibilities & Duties Placed Upon Employers & Employees
  • Lift and Handle Loads Safely
  • Apply Load Control Measures when Manual Handling
  • Use the Manual Handling TILE (Task, Individual, Load, Environment) Acronym to assess each Manual Handling Task

Course Evaluation, Assessment and Grading

Upon successful completion of this course, your staff will receive a Certificate in the Theory of Manual Handling

Terms & Conditions

It should be noted that content for this course is not optimised for mobile devices, it is therefore highly recommended that learners have access to a laptop or desktop computer.

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