Toolkits for Wellbeing

Start date: Programme is ongoing. Start any time!

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Online through eLEARN

Certificate: None

Cost: Free

Programme overview

This FREE programme follows a blended approach of theory, practical and exercise-driven training for supporting mental health and wellbeing in a professional environment. We approach mental health & wellbeing from a 4 Pillar perspective:

- Mind, understanding how our minds work, how we process thoughts and how this relates to our engagements with others.

- Body, learning how to use the body as a map and locate tensions and stresses.

- Breath, as a primary tool for enhancing wellbeing.

- Vision, as a means to create a more positive image of ourselves, our relationships and environments.

The training evolves from Proactive and Reactive methods, equipping course participants with the techniques and toolkits to support emotional intelligence, combat stress and tune in to self-awareness. The programme is a hybrid of innovative practices including psychosynthesis therapy, meditation, nutraceuticals and emotional intelligence. The delivery format is a streamlined Wellbeing Framework which allows each participant to take home the practical tools for continued support and personal development.

This self-paced programme is delivered through eLEARN; CILT Skillnet's e-learning platform.

Learners will be enrolled on the course and emailed log-in credentials within 2 working days of booking the course.

Who Is This Course For?

This is an introductory course for all levels with no previous experience or training required. We have designed the course for individuals in high tension situations, who require additional support for managing mental health, stress and overall wellbeing in the workplace.

Course Content

The programme is composed of 5 units.

    • Actuality – The state of here and now. We explore ideas of basic cognition, self-awareness and basic meditation techniques.
    • Attachment – Central to our stresses, anxiety and discomforts. We identify what triggers us, what we attached to and how this can affect our various states of mind.
    • Ego – How we see ourselves and relate to others. We switch the perspective on the Ego and explore how to use the light and dark of this concept to balance our emotional wellbeing.
    • The Labyrinth – The boundaries of what we think is possible. We map the landscape of our conscious awareness and create a blueprint to achieve better focus and clarity of mind.
    • Vision – Our vision for Self and Others. How we can untap our potentiality and create more balanced relationships for all around wellbeing and personal growth.

The programme contains a number of wellbeing exercises that bookmark each unit and allow the participant to implement the learnings in their own situations.

In addition, learners can arrange for a one-to-one mentoring session with the tutor to discuss the concepts and applications in more depth.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to manage your day to day stress levels.
  • Understanding emotions and reactive tendencies.
  • Practical tools and techniques for reducing conflict and high tension situations.
  • Calming the mind through meditation and breathwork.
  • Identifying and overcoming personal barrier to success

Terms & Conditions

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